Perso + TOP MUST : Elena Danaan MESSAGE FROM THE ALTEANS~ April 20 2023 – YouTube

For those of you who don’t know yet Elena Danaan, I advise you to check first on this presentation before listening to this much inspiring message for our times of transition.

I have been involved with the UFO community for some decades now, and after reading her first two books I’m now into Elena Danaan’s 3rd one, the most important book published for ages, “The Seeders –  Return of the gods

As a “Citizen of the world, knight in the service of truth” making mine the self-definition of the 17th century pre-encyclopedist Pierre Bayle (2 seers told me I was the reincarnation of, when I lived in his natal village Carla-Bayle in Ariège from where I launched my magazine Watcher of the Dawn), the former traveller and truth seeker I am had to share the fruits of his research.

To publish the too often forbidden truths it took me more than 11 years to finalize the pretext-scenario Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (available on Amazon, while awaiting a publisher out of EU), which is now reaching a wider public because time has come for Earthlings to know the truth, to be able to face what’s coming ahead… 😉

The next stage is the remembering of who we are. 🙂

Cheers !

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