“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

Since according to George Orwell (1903-1950) « In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act », we finally understand that it means a spiritual revolution beginning within everyone of us by questioning the very basis of our belief systems founded on institutionalized deceits.

The Covid crisis is a remarkable accelerator for consciousness-raising confronting everyone to his own priorities, which triggers a drastic selecting between those who submit to the manufactured consent and those who resist it…

You are probably one of them, and if it’s not the case be welcome anyway to jump on the bandwagon of the vibratory evolution !

« If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibrations » declared Nikola Tesla more than a century ago.

As a matter of fact, this website was born in summer 2007 with the launching of the magazine Guetteur de l’Aube (Watcher of the Dawn) a thematic alternative press review to counter the social engineering based on the distorsion of reality served by the mass-media.

In the absence of the sinews of war to counter this war of information waged on the people by the string-pullers of the New World Order, your servant was forced to throw in the towel after five issues and I bowed out with a beacon of hope carried by its last issue announcing the « New Planet ».

The cover of this #5 (number of change) was the painting of the poet-painter Marie-Hélène Besson (ALTESS publisher-Paris) representing Mother Earth pregnant of the new mankind. This painting carrying a high vibratory frequence is titled « Annunciation »

The burn-out following the fail of my magazine in march 2011 by lack of financial means had left me exhausted and broke, but still mentally functionning which altogether allowed me to go back to my studies as a truth seeker in History. This led to the writing of a critical essay about History « 2012, lower the masks, Truth will set us Free on the way to Unity ». I sent it during the early summer of 2011 to a courageous lady publisher in Quebec, whos despite her appreciation (in capital letters) refused it because it would have led us straight to court…

Thus, while my personal columns in each issue of the magazine were available in the « Archives » section of this website in French, I wrote my first exclusively online column on this very page, and I offered my historical essay in free download.

Then, totally exhausted I went underground and stopped feeding this website (just managing to afford its maintenance expenses on-line) which content remained unchanged since summer 2011.

Therefore, I am happy of this come-back online offering me the opportunity to give some news to my readers from the 500 subscriptions and 120 selling points spread out on two thirds of France (organic shops, and esoteric bookshops), now that I am back in the saddle with the publishing of my truth novel «Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning » (595p.), presented on the top of this page.

Being burned out from the inside (general inflamation : 4 years twice a week at physiotherapist for tendinites, and once/week ever since), I want to remind those who go through a burn-out that the most important is to be alive, and always keep in mind « what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger » as underlined by Friedrich Nietzsche !

That’s how I learned patience which is not a natural virtue of mine, understanding that I had to go through this to really appreciate my luck to have remained mentally fit. This, thanks to the safety net of the welfare added to my health expenses paid by the state, hence my fellow citizens that I thank here for their support.

Hence the good use I had to make of it, as a research grant to find out how our world had dropped so low…

It’s all about identifying how was implemented this distorsion of our perception of reality aiming to condition our minds, to the point of submitting ourselves to something against which our ancestors would have resisted in a time when the enemy was still identifiable…

That’s exactly what «Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning » is exposing ! 🙂

This historical deception takes us really far back, and is so deeply rooted in our minds that it has plagued the collective unconscious along the centuries, as shown by my research in History starting in 1998, after fourteen years of travelling (tour-leader on four continents) to understand how we had got here…

« There are two histories, the official history, lying, then the secret history where are the true causes of events. » Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850)

Something I started verifying from 1998 to 2002 while I was finishing the writing of the historical digest « From Big-Bang to Internet » (non-published) which led me to zoom on historical events occulted by official history, while they were critical for the understanding of what followed. That’s why in 2005 I knew too much to remain silent, and refusing to be an accomplice by my silence I stepped up with a triptych of lectures delivered during the winter 2005, which were going to give birth to the project of the magazine Guetteur de l’Aube. Whose N°1 issue released early August 2007 was presenting Nikola Tesla and his discovery of free energy in both sense of the word as soon as the late 19th century. But also because this inaugural issue was shining a spot light on the malfeasance of Big Pharma, the Commission Paritaire (public-private joint committee) of publishing & press agencies (under the supervision of five ministeries) rejected the Watcher of the Dawn while porn and war magazines get the approval…

This simple formality giving entitlement to a reduction in VAT from 19,6% to 2,2% and the reduced rate of 75% of postal rate for suscribers and the retailer shops which is essential to lighten the take off for a magazine thus appears as the ultimate form of the state censorship. I knew I was exposing myself to this risk, as I replied to Sylvie Simon feeling sorry to have contributed to this rejection from the Commission Paritaire with her paper denouncing Big Pharma in this first issue. This remarkable resister against the criminal pharmaceutical industry payed with her life a few years later in publishing « Ordre et Désordre » (Order and Disorder), pointing out the disorder health wise caused by the Order of Physicians, crowning a dozen of books denouncing Big Pharma.

Sylvie Simon had brought in the equally courageous Claire Séverac, who after a carreer as an author-composer in California co-signed with her « La Coupe est pleine. Nos enfants sont plus précieux que le CAC 40 » (The Cup is full. Our children are more precious than the CAC 40 Paris stock index) followed by « Complot Mondial contre la Santé » (World plot against Health) before releasing the book which fatal to her « Une Guerre faite aux Peuples » (A war waged against the people) denouncing the HAARP project and the Chemtrails that she had observed in the US.

Here is my tribute two these courageous gentlewomen because they both stand as an example to us all.




It is because I went through a non-stop personnal questioning since the 1980’s that I could progressively unweave my belief system. It’s only by the dawn of this millenium that going back along the trail of History in my search for historical truth that I had to revisit the origin of mankind. Which led me to realize how I had in all good faith to the spreading of these very official deceits, as rotten fruits of the very Darwinian tree of evolution, still triumphing among academic scholars, and therefore in most minds…

As a matter of fact, I was living in Kenya at the end of the first half of the 1980’s where I was attending the lectures of the paleontologist Richard Leakey, son of Louis & Mary Leakey at the origin of the first discoveries of pre-Hominids in the Great Rift Valley. As a teen-ager he was accompanying his parents camel-riding in the remoted desert area of Northern Kenya, in the direction of lake Turkana whose northern shore is Ethiopian. It was in a room of the Nairobi National Museum created by his parents that Richard Leakey was adressing a modest assistance, with in his back a reconstitution of Lucy (Australopithecus Afarensis female skeleton of more than 3 millions years) discovered in Ethiopia ten years earlier.

That’s how I was sharing with my safari clients the latest discoveries concerning the evolutionist theory of the « Missing link » in the Great Rift Valley.

After observing the inter-ethnics confrontations dominating the African life, back in France as an ex-adventurous traveler I became a tour-leader on four continents, something which was going to enlarge my perspective to geopolitics on the field for a dozen more years, before dropping the bag and start my researches in History in 1998. That’s how I found out that it is just like the iceberg, whose sole 10 % emerged tip is studied in school and universities, ie a tiny part and a much deceiving one…

This is how after the fail of my magazine and in the absence of a publisher for my historical essay during the summer 2011, I was compelled to write a fiction to share the truth. While I hadn’t gone beyond the stage of short stories as practiced in my classes of Writing Technics in University Paul Valéry in Montpellier, I launched myself during the 2011 falls into the writing of a truth-novel of several hundreds pages.

Thus, by fully devoting myself to research and writing I was compelled to take of one after the other the coats of historical deception, which were imposed upon us along the millenars by the victors who write History.

Being used to think out of the box, I could then start connecting the puzzle pieces from paleotonlogy to geopolitics going through physics, health, biology, anthropology, ethno, psycho, socio, philo, cosmology and exopolitics. Let’s not forget compared religions study and theology, showing how the religions twisted the teaching of the authentic Inspireds. For the greater profit of their respective clergies taking up the spiritual aspirations of mankind. Hence the first chapter of Awakeners of the Dawn paying a tribute to the Cathars as the authentic non-violent disciples of the Master Jesus-Christ, reason why they were slaughtered by the Church for political reasons during this first crusade in Christian land during the first half of the 13th century in the south of France.

That’s how I was led to understand how Jews, Christians and Muslims had been the victims of a wrong interpretation of the sculptures in the round of the Sumerian tablets when they were transcribed in Babylonian cuneiform writings. Then badly translated by the Jewish scribes during the exile in Babylon from 587 to 558 before J.-C.

It is on this false interpretation of Genesis (first book of the Bible) that were founded the political powers based on the religions of the Book. Hence the need to refer first to our common denominator : we are first of all souls incarnated on Earth. Reason for which as children of the nourishing Mother Earth, us Earthlings, are all brothers and sister ! 🙂

 « There is no religion higher than the truth » Helena P. Blavatsky

This being said, it would be a big mistake to judge the men of the past from our modern perspective, keeping in mind that errare humanum est, i.e. mistake is human…

Adding right after the end of this Latin maxim sed perseverare diabolicum est : but to persevere is diabolicum !


Awakeners of the Dawn

 After twenty-seven months of gestation I delivered in December 2013 a first version of this truth-novel in self-publishing, which remained ever since under the radar along the many addendum and remodeling justifying multiple printings in progress in French, then in English to reach the international public fully concerned by this real-fiction lifting the veil on some truths about the five continents plus Antarctica and beyond… 🙂

Thus, I feel a great relief to have been able to accomplish my mission as a truth seeker in presenting you the ultimate version of this first book « Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning » (595p.) at the top right of this welcome page. In clicking under the book you have access to a much longer excerpt than on on Amazon where you can buy the book if clicking on the cover. You will then get the full meaning of the expression “Red Pill” thanks to explicit quotes, revealing how we have been evily instrumented for milleniums, to the point that today the survival of our specie is at stake…

It is a pretext-scenario with dialogues between fictitious characters delivering many hidden truths, mostly forbidden. It was written for those whose curiosity push them to the discovery of the truth that the string-pullers managed to convince us that « everyone has his own truth »…

In fact, truth is relative to our level of awareness ! 🙂

Hence the imperative necessity to raise this one up to ascend to the encompassing eagle eye that my soufi master encouraged us to develop. Because like his noble ancestors from India he was a practitioner of the art of falconry and was getting extatic when watching the flight of his royal eagle from the Hautes-Alpes, offered to him in the 1980’s by the forest warden Pierre Pouderoux from St Véran, highest village of Europe at 2040m altitude.

This metaphor to underline how the holistic Big Picture is indispensable for the understanding the multidimensionnal reality in which we live without our knowledge. I was helped in this by my power animal the eagle, as I discovered it during a chamanic journey guided by a shaman from North America in 2008.

I already knew since 2005 that my galactic signature according to the Mayan 13 Moon Synchronometer (meso-american zodiac) is Blue Eagle, whose definition is creates the vision .

Therefore, I couldn’t avoid this mark… 🙂

After receiving a strong download of Supra Mental send by Sri Aurobindo at the end of a powerful healing session with a dedicated devotee of him in 2011, I can assure you that we are more and more numerous to welcome via the vibratory resonance this powerful energy announced in 1948 by Sri Aurobindo, a major Awakener of the Dawn praised in my eponymous book.

Nevertheless, I can only repeat the Socratic statement « All I know, is that I know nothing », but it’s out of the question that I let those who know less than nothing to decide for me !

The magazine Guetteur de l’Aube (Watcher of the Dawn) had also for purpose to inform its readers that we were entering in this period of vibratory transition that is the 4th Dimension (4D) where illusion is re-inforced, on our way to 5th Dimension (5D) in this early Aquarius age announced since the late 19th century. This, in reference to the Precession of the Equinox rhythming the spiritual life during the Antiquity.

« It was the religion of the Sol Invictus, the undefeated sun, inexhaustible source of Life around who gravitated the minor gods under the shape of planets whose respective trajectories where scrutinized by the astronomer-priests of the antic civilizations from the top of their pyramids and ziggurats. While the solar activity cycles are at the origin of the terrestrial temperatures, the impact of planet alignments by addition of their gravitational powers can generates upliftings of the Earth crust provoking devastating earthquakes and tidal waves. Beyond the terrestrial macrocosm, the human microcosm being subject to the vibratory-energetic influences of the planetarian and astral configurations, the ephemerides engraved on a stele from circa 8 000 BC discovered in Mesopotamia reveal the importance of astrology. This one is founded on the knowledge of the cycles animating the heavenly bodies, having led the astronomer-priests to become astrologist, and even soothsayers thanks to their ability to predict the effects generated upon Earth by these cycles. In imposing themselves as go-betweens to relate humans to their gods, the antic clergies will give birth to religion according to its Latin etymology : religere. By turning upward the glance of their congeners toward the sky and its mysteries of which they became the sole interpreters, the clergies will develop their power far beyond what allowed the archaic cult of the ancestors linking directly the race or clan to its founding ancestor, to ask for his protection from the hereafter.

For its part, the Roman empire from the Nicaea council of 325 was going to gift itself with a political religion founded on the creed in a new solar god transcending every others: Jesus-Christ, dying, then resurrecting, just as the Sun in Springtime. Which identified him to the antic gods, dead and resurrecting such as Mithra, this Solar god born out of a virgin, dying then resurrecting, whose cult brought back from Persia by the Roman legions had progressively imposed itself in Roma. The city of the Vatican is built upon a Mithra temple. With its monotheistic foundation and centralizing effect, Christianity will provide a religious backbone to the Roman empire on which the emperor can lean on.

Yet, Arius proclaimed in Nicaea in 325 that Jesus was not God, but a human being directly created by God. Jesus as a generated and mortal human is ephemeral as every single human being, contrary to God the non-generated, eternal Spirit, Source of all life and Energy which makes the worlds go round. » Excerpt from the Historical Prologue (p10-11) in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning


Precession of the Equinox and New Age

« 2000 years after Jesus-Christ, according to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Era of the Pisces is ending. Pisces were the symbol of the original Christianity, before Roma imposed her cross with unequal branches, symbolizing the slaughter of Jesus. Which reminds us, in a deterrent manner the fate menacing the rebels… Apparently, it was not efficient, since there has always been heretics, precisely following Jesus’s example!

The Precession of the Equinoxes is this great cycle of 25 760 years which distributes the constellations in the reverse way of our Zodiacal signs. This Great Year of approximately   26 000 years in astronomy was the base foundation of social and religious life worldwide since antiquity, because “The world and mankind are influenced by the cosmic radiation which flows into the atmosphere by the constellations and the stars. Each period, which obeys to cyclical laws induced by the perpetual rotation of celestial bodies, gives birth to forms of social organizations which are the manifestation of these radiations.”, here clearly explained by Antoine de Freyir, who describes “The vibrations originating from the Aquarius constellation press the world to a change of civilization, for better and worse.” In his article “The free cities of antiquities” published in the monthly booklet Carthage N°1, as Raskate quoted while dropping his A4 spiral manuscript to walk his talk. And with his left index piercing through the fingers of his clenched right fist figuring the Earth, he turned leftward his inclined index representing the terrestrial axis, while his fist was rotating rightward. – Think about the oscillation of the tail of a spinning top, when it slows down it turns opposite to the spinning of the top… This circle, designed by the wobble of the terrestrial axis, shapes a cone representing a cycle of 25 760 years. It is called the Axial Precession, or Precession of the Equinoxes, discovered by Hipparque around 130 BC. For us, from the Earth, it is rhythmed by the change of constellations in the background of the spring sunrise on March 21. This itinerary of 25 760 years is divided into twelve equal portions of 2146 years generally rounded to 2000 years called an era, is well known since the Antiquity. This is the great cycle, which punctuates our solar system and founded the high civilizations of the past. Thus, Egyptians, Sumerians, as well as the Celtic Druids, celebrated the Bull-Taurus from -4000 until -2000. You observe these representations of the Bull, worshipped in Egypt, Sumer or Ireland, with the Red Bull of Cuailnge. Then, from -2000, on the spring equinoxial sunrise the priests-astronomers observed that the constellation of Aries had finally replaced that of Taurus in the backround of the Sun, on spring equinoxial sunrise. Which explains the shift of cult from the Bull to the Aries, Amon-Ra, in Egypt, or Ram in Ireland,
The Precession of the Equinoxes is the true calendar of the Blue Planet also called Heliocentric Zodiac, because it is centered on the Sun. Concerning our human calendar, it unfolds following the same constellations centered on Earth, that is why it is called the Geocentric Zodiac. Following the sense of rotation of Earth, it depicts the signs of the Zodiac marking successively with their energetic print the sky of our birth. Thus, the Aries sign from March 21st marks the beginning of the solar year, then comes the sign of the Taurus from April 21st, and so forth with the ten following constellations.
Yet, concerning the heliocentric zodiac, in early 20th century, when publishing « The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ » Dowling unveiled the secret life of Jesus, he would have discovered in the Akashic records. » excerpt from the dialogue by Raskate’s campfire with Cédric de Montfort at the feet of Mt Bugarach in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning

Which makes us realize that it’s been more than a century that we got ready to enter in the Aquarius age… Thus the New Age doesn’t go back to the late 1960’s with the Hippies and the song Aquarius from the Broasway musical Hair.

 Hence the inspiring text from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov « Aquarius and the advent of the Golden Age » opening thi #1 issue of Guetteur de l’Aube (Watcher of the Dawn), of which I didn’t know when it was published in January 2006 that it would be the last one…


On the threshold of the New Age the Covid plandemy has been testing our critical mind

Before getting access to this Golden Age, our free will is put to the test between those whose soul is ripe enough to accompany this vibratory ascension and those with a younger soul wishing to keep experimenting duality, this polarity white-black, hot-cold, Yin-Yang, characterizing the 3rd Dimension.

It is necessary to specify here that the Earth is a living organism whose vibratory frequency was measured by the physicist Schumann at 7,8 Hertz during the 1950’s, which is the wave frequency of the water molecule since the Earth is made at 80% of water. Thus, the Schumann’s resonance describing the phasing of the terrestrial macrocosm with the animal/human microcosm also made at 80% of water happens to be located at the level of the aortic arch, in short the heart area.

A zone very precisely described by the Soufis as the location of the Lataif or subtleties which are the psychic organs of supersensory perception activated by a Sufi master during initiations. When by imposition of hands he transmits the Cosmic vibration through the fontanel or Coronal chakra. It is going down into the Sushumna subtle canal down through the spine column, while the snakes Ida and Pingala are raising (or not) the Kundalini energy from the sacrum or Sacred chakra. These subtle serpents reminding the double helix of the DNA interlace on each chakra up to the Ajna chakra between the eyebrows, where they face each other at the level of the Pineal gland designated by René Descartes as the seat of the soul, while Easterners call it the 3rd eye. This stick on which the two serpents are symetrically cooiled forms the Caduceus of Hermes, who is the messenger of the gods…

The Lataif located at the level of the heart chakra in the middle of the chest are the Seven Elements of the Subtle Consciousness, on which Sufis focus to connect with the One, the Divine within present in everyone, and reach ecstasy…

The Lataif represent our spiritual heart, in front of which we join our hands in worship, in all religions 🙂

Yet, the Schumann’s resonance started to rise in 1987 calling for incarnation here below souls with high vibration frequency. Such was the theme of this late #5 issue of the Guetteur de l’Aube published in january 2009 offering several articles to these new children, the Indigo children, followed by the Cristals, then Diamond ones, according to the dominant colour of their aura.

Knowing that the soul is in control of our destiny since it coordinates the mind and the body to navigate down here, those whose soul cannot stand the vibratory ascension of the Earth in 5D leave their body, victims of the exacerbation of the inner tensions triggered by this vibration rising observable during the transition in 4D. Which explains the increasing of the consumption of anxyolitics and anti-depressors which makes the fortune of Big Pharma, instead of following an holistic psychotherapy taking into account the spiritual dimension of the individual, such as the transpersonal psychotherapies.

« It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. »
Jiddu Krishnamurti

So, those who can’t stand the raising of the Earth leave her to re-incarnate on a 3D planet where their soul will continue to evolve, while those whose soul pulls the mind toward a rise in consciousness remain on Earth.

Yet, the Covid crisis with its contradictory injunctions snet by the governments, typical of the technics implemented in the Communist totalitarian regimes (to send the minds over the edge), has severely tested the critical mind of everyone, therefore carrying out a sorting between those who submit to fear and those who resist it.

Hence how up to date is this speech from Aleksander Solzhenitsyn pronounced in Harvard University in June 1978 :

« A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the ruling groups and the intellectual elite, causing an impression of loss of courage by the entire society. Of course, there are many courageous individuals, but they have no determining influence on public life. (…) Should one point out that from ancient times declining courage has been considered the beginning of the end? »

Which confirms how much this crossing of the 4D characterized by the amplification of the illusion, the Maya exposed in the Vedic litterature, proceeds from the reversal of values to the point of getting to the point of making us believe that it is for our own sake that we should get injected a poison under the form of RNAm. This messenger RNA going to modify our DNA, to destroy our immune system to replace it with a supposed to be immunity to the sole Covid 19, thus making our bodies vulnerable to every single pathogenic agents…

Which would lead to attribute the death to opportunistic diseases and not to the injection of RNAm !

This appears a little more every day as the alienation of the mind by the mean of the Covid rhetoric with its « vaccines » mandatory « for the good of all », while it’s all about the implementing of an evil plan. This, in receiving a satanic communion through the absorption of a lethal injection, transforming Earthlings in non-reproductible GMO, and who renounce their own sovereignty since their modified genome from now on belongs to Pfizer, Moderna & Co having for ambassador the « Philanthropist » Bill Gates, here presented witout mask : https://www.infovf.com/video/part-rencontrez-bill-gates-the-corbett-report–11612.html

The nephew of president John F. Kennedy, the lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., whose father was assassinated by the same instigators as his uncle, underlines in this early March 2022 that « the benefit of the covid-19 « vaccine » is apparently 0, and sub-zero after 6 months, (…) the chance to die of a heart attack, according to their own studies, is 500% time greater than if you’re unvaccinated. They knew they were gonna kill a lot of people, and they did it anyway. »

At the end of February 2022, the UK Health Security Agency confirms deaths are rising dramatically among the triple vaccinated population whilst declining steadily among the not-vaccinated population in England. With the most recent figures showing the fully vaccinated accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths over the past month; and the triple vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 of them.

Thus, thrombosis and other cardivoscular events induced by those injections also carrying Graphen Oxyde (transforming the bearer both as a broadcasting antennas for tracking, and as a receiving antenna for 5G waves to undergo influence and behavioral manipulation) are casting doubts even among the sleepy people, who as a result wake up… 🙂

It would be wise to do so since on January 15th 2022 the very official European Agency for Medicine published within the frame of EudraVigilance the dollowing satas about the negative reactions to the Covid-19 injections : 37 927 deaths et 3 392 632 injuries caused by injections MRNA Moderna (CX-024414), MRNA Pfizer-Biontech, Astrazeneca (CHASOX1 NCOV-19), Janssen (AD26.COV2.S).

Hence the scope of this prophecy from Rudolf Steiner, the visionary founder of Anthroposophy, also at the origin of BioDynamic agriculture principles (Demeter label).

Thus, in 1916 Rudolf Steiner prophetized : « It won’t take long after year 2000 for the world to live strange things. Most part of the humanity will be under the influence of the West. One will see appear, coming from America, a sort of prohibition of the thought, non direct but indirect, a law which goal will be to repress any individual thought. One will attend a new form of general oppression of thought. »

Then, in the 1920’s : « In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.

With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body. Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will. So, the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique force ; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual. »
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

This brings a striking contrast with the self-realized prophecies of the « oracle » Jacques Attali in charge of programming the French people. Just like Henry Kissinger in the US, this special counselor of the French presidents joined the corridors of power with the Socialist François Mitterrand in 1981. Jacques Attali walks hand in hand with the bilionnaire George Soros, whose Open Society foundation is in the lead of the organization of the coloured revolutions worldwide.

Propaganda is the art of persuading others of what one does not believe oneself” Abba Eban (1915-2002) Israelian diplomat and politician

Soros finance every single movement of destruction of our societies such as the ultra-fascist Antifas, the castrating Femen, the very racist Black Lives Matter, and obviously the migratory invasion of Europe by the most archaic Muslims (thus unassimilable) as trojan horses of the Jihad.

« As for Islam, it doesn’t acknowledge the separation between the spiritual and the temporal, both powers being submitted to the merciless Sharia law, the core foundation of the Muslim juridical constitution providing a frame to slavery and presented as the divine law. So that, since a tree is judged by its fruits, the archaic cruelty of the Sharia, at the origin of the social and technological backwardness of the Muslim countries, does not appear as a true manifestation of the Divine… Thus, one can wonder if nowadays the proliferation of mosques and the development of Halal food (Kosher owned business) in Europe opening its borders to Muslim illegals is not the early stages of the Jihad?

Hence the role of the Ministry of Truth relayed by its obedient mass media labeling the whistleblowers as racist or conspiracy theorists. While theses ones, precisely because they are observing the conspiration using the divide and rule strategy against the peoples, are warning about the risks of a civil war. This one is wanted by the stateless finance applying the Free-Mason logic of “Ordo ab chaos” (order out of chaos), inherited from the concept of “creative destruction” according to the Kabbalist vision of the World. This, to trigger a civil war “in the name of peace”, to then justify the implementation of the Orwellian dictatorship of the New World Order » Conclusion of the Historical Prolog of Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (my truth-novel, available at the top of this Home page).

In 2005, I was ending my lecture « The unveiling of the New Paradigm » asking : how far will we hace to go before people finally react ?

I was far from imagining that we would have to reach this degree of weakening of our western societies, to witness how our « Human rights » born out of the Christian humanism would get turned against ourselves…

Concerning the Covid plandemic, let’s keep in mind the first attempt of the H1N1 flu in 2009, when president Sarkozy went to inaugurate a vaccines factory in Mexico from where a few months later was coming the H1N1 virus… Sarkozy has then delegated his special counselor Jean Castex to the ministry of Health Roselyne Bachelot, a former employee of Astra -laboratory. That’s how with only 10% of the French who got trapped by fear leading to vaccination and its disastrous side-effects overlooked since 2009, now Prime Minister Castex counselled by the agency Mc Kinsey amplified the strategy of fear from early 2020. This to the point of creating a psychosis with sanitary measures to face the « redoubtable » Covid 19 about which we knew since the spring of 2020 that it killed a lot less than the the seasonal flu of 2017… Nonetheless, event though it was written on the boxes of disposable masks that they viruses go through, the wearing of them became compulsory ! While in the crowded subway wagons people the virus was supposed to be absent, everywhere else sanitary distances and other huliliating measures were imposed to test the degree of submission of the population. Better yet, this Covid-19 virus justified the implementation of a curfew from 6pm, letting us believe that the virus was peculiar enough to wait ‘til 6 before striking, thus justifying the verbalization of the latecomers and recalcitrants arrested in the desert streets ! Wasn’t it rather to avoid people to meet after work and share their doubts ?…

« The one who controls the fear of people becomes the master of their soul »
Nicolas Machiavel

While the participants in the psychology of groups such as the Solomon Asch one about conformity in 1951 and the one of Stanley Milgram in 1967 on submission to authority were employing guinea-pigs beign paid for it, with Covid-19 it was about experimenting on populations without their free and informed consent. Which is a strong violation of the Nuremberg code born of the Nuremberg trials of 1946-47 following the defeat of Nazi Germany and requiring « the informed consent as an absolute prerequisite to conduct research involving human subjects ».

In fact, a dozen of law texts were then violated both by the mass psychology experiment of the so called sanitary measures leading to the medical experimentation of a new form of « vaccination ». Posing as such a forced sterilization by the mean of a modification of the genome in the case of the RNAm producing sterilized GMO humans. Without forgetting to mention the tracking of the injected ones by the mean of Oxyde graphene serving as an antenna to the 5G technology contained in all vaccines, even the Russian Sputnik one, and a fortiori the Chinese vaccine to complete the control of the population…

Nonetheless, since these « vaccines » are still under their testing period they remain subject to the double-blind protocol of testing, meaning in this very case three sets : # 1 a placebo ; #2 a split virus like the regular flu vaccine ; #3 RNAm. Which explains why all the injected people don’t systematically suffer from thrombosis and other pathologies pudically called « side effects »…

Before checking on the iceberg of History, let’s breath some clean air… 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbqHK8i-HdA


Historical origins of the Left-Right divide

Now, let’s go back to the way the speculative capitalism resorted to the concept of « democracy » as a screen to its embezzlements, to understand how we came to the point of letting a gang of criminals pass for the new « elite », as a replacement for aristocracy, litterally the power-cratos– to the best ones-aristos– in Greek.

To really measure how was implemented this inversion of values aiming at returning the spirit, tossed like a pancake, one needs to go back to the so-called « French Revolution » and recall « the heavy expenses engaged by France to support the independence of the English colonies. Yet, these expenses didn’t appear in the accounts presented to Louis XVI by his minister of finance Necker, a banker from Geneva who was more than happy to lend money to France to her detriment…
This is when appeared the division between Left and Right. Do you know how it happened?
– I guess it was about the location of the Conservatives and the Progressives in the parliament… – Yes, but this split happened on a very peculiar occasion totally forgotten by everybody while it changes everything for the all Planet today…
Because nowadays, every single country worldwide is divided on this Right-Left criterion, which is totally absurd!
First of all let me remind you that since the 11th century our French kings gathered their Conseil (council) from which were excluded the members of the royal family, because they were inclined to political intrigues, to the benefit of laymen and clergymen on top of the nobility. And on punctual occasions when circumstances so required the king convened the États Généraux formed of the three orders: the Tiers-État (Third Order), the Clergy and the Nobility. Thus, governing by council was the founding principle of French government, the king being the guarantor of the law and its implementation as the chief of the executive assisted by his ministers. Before the triumphing Jacobinism born from the revolution, France was a decentralized and unified country, whose guilds were regulating the various trades when the various regional parliaments rendered justice in the name of the king while managing current affairs. Under the old regime the power to enact laws was the responsibility of the Justice according to the Roman Law principle prescribing that a good law is a just law pursuing justice. Yet, however justice was rendered bt magistrates in the name of the king, this one could in no way change the law inherited from Roman Law and common law. To the difference of today where the political power constantly interferes with Justice.

Thus, the representatives of the États Généraux had been gathered in Versailles in May 1789 to solve the financial crisis. The Tiers État, (Third Order) occupied the bigger third of the seats, a smaller one by the Clergy, then came the Nobility. This is the time to stress that the 14th of July is a bloody historical imposture, since the Bastille was not imprisoning any political prisoner but only a crook who had fled there to escape the mob justice, and an insane young aristocrat locked in to the expense of his family because he was dangerous. The governor of the Bastille first pushed back the assault from the Parisian mob equipped with guns robbed from the Invalides armoury. Then, after he was promised there would be no violence he accepted to open the doors to verify the absence of prisoners of conscience. Result : the few veteran soldiers in charge of maintening the Bastille fortress were massacred and the head of the governor de Launay got exhibited on a spade throughout Paris as a trophy! But it has nothing to do with what I was taught at school… – For sure, because Free Masonry having replaced Catholic religion within the teaching body since the Revolution, as usual History was rewritten by the victors. The Bastille was not anymore the symbol of the royal power imprisoning its political opponents and was only hosting dangerous insane people such as the Marquis de Sade.
once they were gathered the États Généraux had self instituded them as permanent Assemblée Nationale in June 1789, to then proclaim themselves Assemblée Nationale Constituante. Yet, this constituting assembly was meeting to prepare the Constitution in an elongated room where the representatives were sitting in two tribunes facing each other. And here is how was instituted the Left-Right cleavage. Following the abolition of the privileges of the nobility on the night of the 4th of August 1789, in September the Assemblée is divided on the question of the right of veto of the king, this one being considered to be above the partisans among the opposed revolutionary tendencies within the Assemblée. To make things easy, it was decided that the partisans of preserving the King’s right of veto should sit on the right and the ones opposed to the royal arbitration should sit to the left of the president of the Assemblée. The tribune on the right wants a parliamentary monarchy, sharing the power between the Legislative Assembly in charge to make the laws, and the King remains in charge of the executive power, while the tribune on the left considers that the power belongs to the Assembly and only to the Assembly.
This is how in September 1789 these representatives no longer faned out according to their affiliation to the Third State, the Nobility and the Clergy but according to this new criteria of left and right tribune. On that day of September 1789 the tribune of the right was the most filled up and won, which maintained the right of beto fo the king. But two years later, the left gallery will win with more seats occupied to compel the king to accept the 1st Constitution, imposing a British type of constitutional monarchy. Thus was born the Left-Right cleavage in politics ! »
dialog between the commander Gaétan de Montfort and his nephew Cédric (p54 to 59) excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning


No revolution in Paris in 1789, but a coup d’état against the Bourbon monarchy

This revolution was in no way French since it was a coup d’état led by the bankers of the City of London, relayed by the British Masonic lodges which instrumented the Jacobins via the lodge of the Grand Orient managed in Paris by the Duke of Orléans, cousin of Louis XVI.

« In addition, Louis XVI had to surrender his title of “Roi de France”, for the most modest one of “Roi des Français”. – But, as far as I know, it wasn’t the case for Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, of Canada and Austalia, and Emperess of India ruling over the British Empire? – Exactly, the answer lies in the question, my dear nephew, which says a lot about the revolutionary deception, under remote control from London! By the way, let me add that the Queen does use her right of veto several times a year… Then, the Left well instrumented by the City of London will boost the anger of the people of Paris feeling abandoned by the king, and they will bring him back from Versailles to Paris in his Tuileries palace. Which will lead to the slaughter of the Swiss Guards of the Tuileries by the Parisian mob on the 10th of August 1792, enshrining the victory of the Left. Then, Louis XVI, aware of this British coup d’état, ask the help of the Habsburg, the family of Marie-Antoinette, to free France which was sinking in anarchy. Presented by Robespierre and his Jacobinist revolutionaries as the plan of an invasion of France by a foreign army, Louis XVI was destituted then beheaded by the Guillotine on January 21st 1793. It opened the path to the leadership of the anglo-protestant commerce, undermining the Catholic chivalrous ideal, to assert the grip of finance founded on the mercantile approach.
This is how money as a mean became an end, while we definitely know it has no end since it is never satisfied !
The liberal economy appeared at the beginning of the Lumières in France under the influence of the Physiocrats led by François Quesnay, a physician who became an economist around 1750 in applying to the social body the self-regulation of the functionning of the human one. This theory founded on the vision of a natural economical balance was neglecting the notion of greed, which suddenly was encouraged which was going against the Catholic principles. This is when comes in the young Pierre-Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, who will found the American branch at the origin of the textile revolution of Nylon since 1935. Once he became the protégé of Dr. Quesnay, this Parisian student in medical school switched to economy, perfectly was at ease with money as a Protestant. Contrary to the Catholic nobility to whom commerce and money profit was strictly prohibited since the Medieval chivalry times. Dr. Quesnay was the physician of the Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV from who he got attention. That’s how Dr. Quesnay became the counselor of the king, who got contaminated by the Physiocrats theory, which led to famines born out of speculation on wheat for totally immoral profit ends. The lady historian Marion Sigaut underlines the fact that contrary to the king being the guarantor of the price of bread, to make sure his people wouldn’t suffer from hunger, unscrupulous merchants made their fortune in exporting wheat which was the major richness of France. Which by lowering the stocks of wheat in France made its price rise for the people during the reign of Louis XVI, under the influence of his minister Turgot, an ardent Physiocrat. With Du Pont de Nemours they advocated the lowering of taxes and free trade among nations, which will inspire the Scot Adam Smith considered as the father of liberalism.
This is how nowadays the free-trade international treaties such as TAFTA and CETA, allow multinational companies to obtain huge fines after the condemnation of the states trying to protect their economy, therefore their people. All this tragedy because before the questioning of the Physiocrat theories happened in France, the liberal economy theory had already lifted off from Great Britain to the young U.S.A..

During the meantime in France, as I was telling you the harsh climate conditions had generated a real famine which the lack of reserve of wheat sold abroad couldn’t compensate? This is how the popular protest demonstrations reminded the king about his duty to protect his people. Yet, Louis XVI lacked teeth and his natural goodness is revealed in his touching farewell letter addressed to his young children, who didn’t survive him much longer. This letter written just before climbing on the scaffold, and in which he forgave his enemies he didn’t cause any harm to, shows that he was not inclined to detect the evil, which of course made him vulnerable… Ergo, Louis XVI ignored that those who monopolized the wheat to push up its price were precisely speculator friends of his cousin the Duke Philippe d’Orleans, to whom the British had promised the crown of France if he followed their plan to dethrone his cousin. The damage being done, the people was loosing confidence in his king absorbed by the court life in Versailles. Then, you understand how London by manipulating the Grand Orient in charge of fanning the embers of popular discontent, managed to overthrow the French monarchy. Then, the nobility was pointed out by the revolutionnaries, not for their misdeeds since the royal justice was much severe against who had to show the way, but as a reactionary force to be eliminated. Not only as a support of the king, but first of all because nobles as warriors were armed and represented a threat for the revolutionaries whose Terreur was leading France to the precipice since 1789…

Without the general Bonaparte, bringing an end to the Directoire to lead the Consulat before becoming emperor, France would have kept dislocating.
Napoleon Bonaparte was rightHistory has always been written by the victors”. So, precisely it’s because you and I are descending from those who got their head chopped under the Revolution, that we have to express how this revolution marked in reality the seizing of power by the bankers through their haymen. This is how in a more and more obvious manner the dictatorship of money was imposed under the label of democracy… »
dialog between the commander Gaétan de Montfort and his nephew Cédric (p59 to 61) excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning

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