August 1, 2007

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world, in fact it has always been like that.
Margaret Mead (Anthropologist)

Since you are among those who want to contribute to the accelerated evolution in which our Planet is engaged, the Dawn Watcher is there to comfort you in this perspective by providing you with the right information in terms of other ways of Being in the world and of Energy. To do this, we have surrounded ourselves with the best of the French alternative press, those who combine in the present and in the heart the values ​​that carry us as much as we carry them. To these 9 partner magazines, to the cartoonist René Bickel, to the author Pierre Lance, to Johanne and to Dr Christian Tal Schaller, we would like to pay tribute for the courage and tenacity they have shown in the face of the breaking waves that characterize the high seas. Without them, this magazine could not offer you such content. But you still needed a safe ship to deliver this information not found elsewhere than among the alternatives that sail outside the territorial waters well marked out by Big Brother…
Thus, two years after having drawn up the plans, this famous three-master built in Saint-Malo and baptized by the resistance fighters of Ariège (in the country of the Cathars and the Huguenots together), is now setting sail. It is equipped with high edges and it is built for racing…
So, if you want to ride the wave of Evolution, which we cannot escape, welcome aboard the Watcher of Dawn!
The crew takes care of the maneuver, all you have to do is enjoy the sliding sensations… which in Indian English we call “Pure bliss”! *
The dawn watchman was carried to the baptismal font, filled with this pure water from the Ariège Pyrenees, by an association, whose spirit he retains.
This magazine would not exist without the cooperation of our partner magazines.
However, it is obviously for you, dear readers, that we have created it in order to put this spotlight on the hidden part of the information iceberg.
And for the Dawn Watcher to live on, it’s now up to you to play by subscribing to it, because for having put the best of ourselves in it, we know you’ll like it. By circulating the information that this magazine conveys, rather than cursing the darkness, in turn be the bearer of this light that is free information and which alone can free our minds from ambient formatting.
Thus, by reading the following issues of this “Best of” selection of the alternative press offered by the bimonthly Dawn Watcher, you will help to spread the light of this dawn that the world is waiting for.
So get on board, we’re casting off… Have a nice summer cruise!
The Dawn Watcher crew


Photo taken in the “rush” of the closure in the birthplace of Pierre Bayle (1647-1706)

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