Perso + good news for the Earthlings

That’s what Revelation days are all about, for those who can stand the truth we’ve been kept away from for eons…

It’s OK for those who cannot,
some days it will become meaningful because they will have been seeded with this intels

Transcript following the orale description of incredible encounters, good news for the earthlings….  if only they would learn their lesson about the so-called ciakahrr (royalty of the Draco) and their hybrids… 

Elena is our earth alliance intergalactic federation emissary… 
better learn from than the AI infiltrated swaru… or from socio engineering Netflix (Independence Day, although it is confirming the manipulation at work to destroy truth against 
Elena Danaan, [May 2, 2023 at 19:40]
Here is the article with the clean transcript of the video report:

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