Perso + MUST : The Venusian Trilogy / From Venus I Came: Autobiography Part 1 – Kindle edition by Onec, Omnec. Religion

This book considered as a classic bythose having something between their ears is worth reading according to its first pages available here on Amazon.

It resonates with the beginning of the Historical Foreword of my truth-novel :

 “Within the infinite space containing the hundreds of thousands of galaxies of the expanding universe, the Milky Way counts more than 100 milliard/billions of planets orbiting around more than two hundred milliards of stars, with one especially eccentric, The Sun. This star has eight orbiting planets, the third one made of 80% of water, the Blue Planet, is a biological conservatory of vegetal and animal species which lands is inhabited by a voracious species destroying its terrestrial, underground and ocean resources : Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Whereas, our galaxy of the Milky Way contains more than 60 milliards/billions of planets having water, an atmosphere with temperatures going from -15° Celsius degree up to 50° favouring life, this variety of earthly mammal bipeds Homo Sapiens is convinced to be alone in the Universe. That it just recently started to explore, and is ready to spread its ways of life it proudly calls “civilizations”. On this Blue Planet called Earth, the biggest continental territory in one single piece covering half of this Earth globe is Eurasia.”

excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning © Salik de Bonnault

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