Perso + good news for the Earthlings

That’s what Revelation days are all about, for those who can stand the truth we’ve been kept away from for eons…

It’s OK for those who cannot,
some days it will become meaningful because they will have been seeded with this intels

Transcript following the orale description of incredible encounters, good news for the earthlings….  if only they would learn their lesson about the so-called ciakahrr (royalty of the Draco) and their hybrids… 

Elena is our earth alliance intergalactic federation emissary… 
better learn from than the AI infiltrated swaru… or from socio engineering Netflix (Independence Day, although it is confirming the manipulation at work to destroy truth against 
Elena Danaan, [May 2, 2023 at 19:40]
Here is the article with the clean transcript of the video report:

Perso + TOP MUST : Elena Danaan MESSAGE FROM THE ALTEANS~ April 20 2023 – YouTube

For those of you who don’t know yet Elena Danaan, I advise you to check first on this presentation before listening to this much inspiring message for our times of transition.

I have been involved with the UFO community for some decades now, and after reading her first two books I’m now into Elena Danaan’s 3rd one, the most important book published for ages, “The Seeders –  Return of the gods

As a “Citizen of the world, knight in the service of truth” making mine the self-definition of the 17th century pre-encyclopedist Pierre Bayle (2 seers told me I was the reincarnation of, when I lived in his natal village Carla-Bayle in Ariège from where I launched my magazine Watcher of the Dawn), the former traveller and truth seeker I am had to share the fruits of his research.

To publish the too often forbidden truths it took me more than 11 years to finalize the pretext-scenario Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (available on Amazon, while awaiting a publisher out of EU), which is now reaching a wider public because time has come for Earthlings to know the truth, to be able to face what’s coming ahead… 😉

The next stage is the remembering of who we are. 🙂

Cheers !

Perso + MUST : The Venusian Trilogy / From Venus I Came: Autobiography Part 1 – Kindle edition by Onec, Omnec. Religion

This book considered as a classic bythose having something between their ears is worth reading according to its first pages available here on Amazon.

It resonates with the beginning of the Historical Foreword of my truth-novel :

 “Within the infinite space containing the hundreds of thousands of galaxies of the expanding universe, the Milky Way counts more than 100 milliard/billions of planets orbiting around more than two hundred milliards of stars, with one especially eccentric, The Sun. This star has eight orbiting planets, the third one made of 80% of water, the Blue Planet, is a biological conservatory of vegetal and animal species which lands is inhabited by a voracious species destroying its terrestrial, underground and ocean resources : Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Whereas, our galaxy of the Milky Way contains more than 60 milliards/billions of planets having water, an atmosphere with temperatures going from -15° Celsius degree up to 50° favouring life, this variety of earthly mammal bipeds Homo Sapiens is convinced to be alone in the Universe. That it just recently started to explore, and is ready to spread its ways of life it proudly calls “civilizations”. On this Blue Planet called Earth, the biggest continental territory in one single piece covering half of this Earth globe is Eurasia.”

excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning © Salik de Bonnault

Perso + TOP : Mike Stone- Expand Boycotts to all Woke Companies –

Don’t even allow yourself to start thinking that Henry Makow is an antisemite…

He was born in a Jewish family, therefore he knows what he is talking about ! 😛

That’s the reason why I pay him a tribute in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning, since I learnt a lot of major truths the Synagog of Satan doesn’t want you to know…–expand-boycotts-to.html

Perso + BEYOND THE RESET – Animated Short Film – YouTube

Some 20 years ago we were a handful of whistlebolwers relaying the images of concentration camps being built in remoted areas of the US & Canada storing piles of black plastic coffins…
We were then wondering how and when they would be put at use :-\

Just watch this very realistic animated short film and you’ll understand why we were stepping up when snoring was the dominant background noise 😛

Time to wake up ! 😉

Perso + TOP MUST : The Fatal Attraction Of Illusory Heroes – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

What a pleasure to hear the spearhead of re-information David Icke cover here in one shot what is largely exposed and developed in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning

Because questioning is the very first step on the path of awakening… 😉

To be able to grasp the interdimensional levels of the universe to be able to identify the artificial Matrix, one needs to start from the ground, thus horizontally in terms of questioning what’s going on down below.
Rather than getting lost in what many call “meditation” while for most it is just wandering of the mind in the astral realm. :-[
Doing the necessary research to decypher the worldly scam is definitely a sure way to be spiritual, i.e. privileging the spirit we’re gifted with to lifts us above the material world, hence showing the superiority of the spirit.
That’s what being spiritual is about, because it leads inevitably to elevate our mind. 😉

While meditation needs to be properly led by a guide to pierce THROUGH the astral level, we must not get trapped in since it is the realm of the Jinns (Islam), the Archontes (Gnostics), the Chitauri (Zulus).

This is where the Kabbalists leading our world through Free Masonry are getting their power from, the Tree of the Sephiroth being the quintessence of it, since it is the Babylonian heritage of the Synagog of Satan from the time of the deportation of the Levy (priests) and the Cohen (scribes) by Nabuchodonosor in -587 …

Then, during the Renaissance appeared the Christian Kabbala with Pic de la Mirandola who applied the Jewish twist of shamanism to the New Testament… >:o

Hence, the fact that these occultists of which the majority are just sorcerer’s apprentices (nourishing their ego with occultism) contribute to the solidifying of the Matrix we’ve been imprisoned in for long enough. >:o

Thus, the warning from the Sufi master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan delivered to his disciples concerning the times we’re in now, which is the 4th dimension on our way to the 5th dimension : “walk straight through this territory of the Jinns where the illusion/maya is re-inforced, don’t get trapped

I am now understanding better what he meant since he left the body in 2004, hence 8 years before the beginning of the Apocalypse/Revelation times on Dec 21st 2012.
Therefore, it is sad to observe how too many candidates to dissidence get fooled by the false light
of the Astral flattering their spiritual ego. :-[

As for me, I consider that the  bird cage is now open, but as long as the parrot inside finds its food daily delivered by the servants down below (high grades Free Masons) of the entities (Jinns, Archontes…) who want him to remain in the cage, the parrot will keep regurgitating the same religious/scientist/political ideology he’s been fed with for ages…
This is the real chain attaching the human parrot to its cage ! 😛

The rising of our vibrationnal level thanks to the rising of the Schumann’s resonance (Earth vibratory level) allows us now to free ourselves from the institutionalized deception denounced here by David Icke and exposed in my book… 😉

As underlined by Icke, “the ongoing awakening is phenomenonal“. 😎

Cheers ! 🙂


In my Truth-novel Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning I do quote abundantly Kerry Cassidy I discovered more than 20 years ago, and whose scape of knowledge in alternative infos offers a real inspiration for every sincere truth seeker 😉

That’s what real Avant-Garde is all about… 🙂

Perso + MUST : Patrick O’Carroll – Chabad was Responsible for the Jewish Holocaust –

Readers of Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning will appreciate all the more since they’re prepared to face the truth… 😉

As a Jew, this remarkable Canadian scholar Henry Makow is one of my hero because he’s doing the job, saving the honour of his community still terrorized to think out of the mental ghetto it’s been locked in for 2500 years.—chabad-was-.html