Perso + TOP MUST : The Fatal Attraction Of Illusory Heroes – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

What a pleasure to hear the spearhead of re-information David Icke cover here in one shot what is largely exposed and developed in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning

Because questioning is the very first step on the path of awakening… 😉

To be able to grasp the interdimensional levels of the universe to be able to identify the artificial Matrix, one needs to start from the ground, thus horizontally in terms of questioning what’s going on down below.
Rather than getting lost in what many call “meditation” while for most it is just wandering of the mind in the astral realm. :-[
Doing the necessary research to decypher the worldly scam is definitely a sure way to be spiritual, i.e. privileging the spirit we’re gifted with to lifts us above the material world, hence showing the superiority of the spirit.
That’s what being spiritual is about, because it leads inevitably to elevate our mind. 😉

While meditation needs to be properly led by a guide to pierce THROUGH the astral level, we must not get trapped in since it is the realm of the Jinns (Islam), the Archontes (Gnostics), the Chitauri (Zulus).

This is where the Kabbalists leading our world through Free Masonry are getting their power from, the Tree of the Sephiroth being the quintessence of it, since it is the Babylonian heritage of the Synagog of Satan from the time of the deportation of the Levy (priests) and the Cohen (scribes) by Nabuchodonosor in -587 …

Then, during the Renaissance appeared the Christian Kabbala with Pic de la Mirandola who applied the Jewish twist of shamanism to the New Testament… >:o

Hence, the fact that these occultists of which the majority are just sorcerer’s apprentices (nourishing their ego with occultism) contribute to the solidifying of the Matrix we’ve been imprisoned in for long enough. >:o

Thus, the warning from the Sufi master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan delivered to his disciples concerning the times we’re in now, which is the 4th dimension on our way to the 5th dimension : “walk straight through this territory of the Jinns where the illusion/maya is re-inforced, don’t get trapped

I am now understanding better what he meant since he left the body in 2004, hence 8 years before the beginning of the Apocalypse/Revelation times on Dec 21st 2012.
Therefore, it is sad to observe how too many candidates to dissidence get fooled by the false light
of the Astral flattering their spiritual ego. :-[

As for me, I consider that the  bird cage is now open, but as long as the parrot inside finds its food daily delivered by the servants down below (high grades Free Masons) of the entities (Jinns, Archontes…) who want him to remain in the cage, the parrot will keep regurgitating the same religious/scientist/political ideology he’s been fed with for ages…
This is the real chain attaching the human parrot to its cage ! 😛

The rising of our vibrationnal level thanks to the rising of the Schumann’s resonance (Earth vibratory level) allows us now to free ourselves from the institutionalized deception denounced here by David Icke and exposed in my book… 😉

As underlined by Icke, “the ongoing awakening is phenomenonal“. 😎

Cheers ! 🙂

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