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The historical unrolling about what follows is in my truth-novel for those who want to avoid the slaughter house,

while lemmings rush for it asking for another dose of Covid injection… 😛

Ordinary Jews are concerned in the first place (think about Israelians accepting to get “shot”) since they’re totally unaware of how they’ve been misled by their “elites”, through the deceiving text of Genesis (first book of the Torah-Old Testament), as mentioned in Jeremiah VIII:8… 😛

2000 years ago in today Israel was proclaimed “Truth will set you free” by an heretic rabbi, whose ethnic roots were not only Jewish as exposed in my book, thanks to recent archeological discoveries in Galilea where his mother side was established more than 2000 years before he was born.

Should I remind you that the oldest archeological testimony of the presence of a Bedouin tribe by the name of Israel nomadizing on the heights of Canaan is dated 1250 B.C., thus 8 century after Virgin Mary and Mary-Magdalena’s ancestors set foot on the Galilean shore, where they founded their Celtic colony coming from Gallia (France), hence the name of Galilea… 😉

To stop believing blindly you need to start questioning the very roots of your belief system,


That’s why in our days of Apocalypse-Revelations, after 11 years of writing (fruit of more than 24 years of research in History) I just published the final version of Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning, whose first 70 pages are for free on


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