Perso + TOP MUST : “Creative Destruction”

What a boost for me to be able to forward you this confirmation of the content of Awakeners of the Dawn !

That’s why Henry Makow (link below) is generously quoted in my real-fiction novel, this spirit distilled during the past 11 years to be able to reach a wider public through this short-cut summary of what has really been happening on this beloved Planet of ours to understand what’s going on today…

Contrary to the dummy of WEF in Davos attended this week by their evily programmed (Jewish) Greta Thunberg,
let me underline that it is precisely the other way around that we must defend our Mother Earth against these Satanists serving their master from another dimension… >:o
Just read John Kerry
reverse accusation speech in Davos about ET’s.

As you know, one must understand the opposite of what they say… 😛
If you really want to know what’s going on in the macro field, just digg Elena Danaan’s books & videos 😉

It is because I knwe too much to shut my mouth after the many  books and several lives I already had in this incarnation that I could write this encyclopedical digest, at my humble level as a French Honnête Homme, a path opened by Rabelais in the 16th century.

To be honnest with you, I must add that if Rabelais was my “Saint Patron” during my joyful years in Montpellier University, (where Rabelais, already a priest, studied Medicine from 1530) it was for non-serious motives, just in the first acceptance of the word Rabelaisien 😉
To the point of posing in front of his monument with his moto “Vivez Joyeux” (live joyfully) on the picture in first page of the City-guide booklet “Le Petit Futé à Montpellier” I launched in June 1980, right before hitting the road to West Africa in my old 404 Peugeot Station Wagon, ideal for the Bush-Taxi I sold it to (3 times the price I had pay for it, ensuring myself some cash to start the university year) in norther Benin, after crossing Niger at the exit of the Transaharian starting in Tamanrasset, Algeria, in July… 😎

Never cross Sahara in summertime, is the lesson ! 😛
But that was the only holidays long enough for this adventurous trip 😉

Anyway, going back to my book ( ), I didn’t have the choice and I had to go through fiction to tell the truth to a wider public, in view to trigger the 100th monkey effect, you know the critical mass linked to the threshold effect 😉

 Now, be sure that among scholars only a honnest Jew could dare to share such informations…


Don’t worry if Henry Makow provokes in you a cognitive dissonance,

it is becoming very trendy nowadays… 😉

It was the same for me some 20 years ago when I started discovering what was really going on in this so taboo domain !

I was a pro-Jew (born in 1956, with a Dutch Jewish uncle whose family died during WWII (our catholic family became his) who happened to be the most generous man on Earth, therefore I was full of antibodies against anti-semite people,that’s why I know what cognitive dissonance is all about ! 😛

So, after writing a couple of historical essays since 1998 (following 14 years of traveling), this Book I  of Awakeners of the Dawn is subtitled “Questioning“… 

 Otherwise you’ll never be able to grasp the BIG PICTURE ! 😉


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