perso + MUST : American way of life –for us ?

Eyes embued by tears is something normal,

the contrary would be abnormal…

Please forward because blatant truth is a necessary warning,

for who doesn’t to be an accomplice…

Denial of reality is not the solution !

The one who doesn’t fight back has already lost the battle.” Bertolt Brecht 😉

Now, on the other hand, rejoice for Babylon is falling down !

Escaping the cities is a must to avoid  the collateral damages exposed here,
and that you will forward I’m sure,
if your sense of responsibility toward mankind orders…

If you want to know the historical social engineering behind Babylon and its ordered destruction by the very ones having led it for too long,

because enough is enough,

f you decide to walk your talk
you need to get a clear understanding,
to reach down to the roots of the problem before atempting to eradicate it,

It starts with your own mind,

because your own healing out of truth is necessary,

it’s part of the cure ordered by Mother Earth,

because the PachaMama is now undergoing a necessary cleansing…  

If this resonates for you, it means you’re mature enough to check on

You didn’t see it coming this one?… 😉

Come on, you got used to my self-promo ’cause no one would dare to do so 😛

Anyway, I measure more than ever why writers, artists in general, need an agent…

And guess who has been hijacking the profession along with the productions companies ?… 😉

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