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2nd PART

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”  Mark Twain


Freemasonry exposed

As a result of the inversion of values initially founded on ethic, the Left in presenting itself as « the side of good » has been demonizing the Right assimilated to Catholic bigotry. Thus, while the left was becoming synonymous of progress, the right passed for reactionary.

One has to admit that Catholics in following the adage that says « Virtue doesn’t make fuss » were seen as un-hiped compared to the Protestants in the US and their charity-business involving Hollywood and showbizness stars.

That’s how under philanthropic pretexts the so powerful Rockefeller Foundation imposed itself in many fields, to the point of rewriting the history of World War II, and gave also birth to Big Pharma. As for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we do know the damages committed by their vaccines in the name of common good…

 This difference of approach between Catholic and Protestants being explained by the refusal of the earthly possessions to the profit of the goods of the hereafter for the Catholics, unlike the Protestants whose return to the Old Testament developed material possessions. Something Martin Luther regretted at the end of his life, while he was so right to oppose the practice of Indulgences as a sin of Simony condemned by Canon Law, at the origin of his schism with Roma and its splendors revealing the « Do what I say, not what I do » …

Since the chart of Freemasonry was written by the british reverend Anderson in 1723, it is therefore from the United Kingdom that emerged speculative Freemasonry as the materialistic diverting from the operative Freemasonry of the cathedral builders, using the compass and the square which became the symbol of modern masonry. The future Templars or Chevaliers du Temple, because they originally set their camp on the ruins of the Temple in Jerusalem, had left France in 1118 for the Holy Land from where they came back as bearers of the knowledge of Sacred Geometry and the resulting Sacred Architecture. This because some of them being acknowledged as valiant knights in the service of the Divine had been initiated to the Gnosis by the Sufis of Middle-East, which led them to become the designers and the property developers of these gigantic energy amplifiers that are the cathedrals.

Yet, because the Gnosis (in Greek : Knowledge) was questioning the Credo (I believe, in Latin) of the Roman Catholic Church founded on dogmas by no means divines, that the Templars were accused of heresy and fot this reason not benefiting anymore of the protection of Roma, they were exterminated in 1307 by king Philippe IV Le Bel, to seize the fabulous treasury of this order of knight-monks. Out of some 120 000 members at the top of its expansion only 10% were knights in arms, but if all of them had made a vow of poverty their order was immensely rich. Yet, after having hugely endebted himself with the orders the king was refused a new loan while the coffers of the kingdom were empty he ordered the arrest of  theTemplars, subjecting them to torture to confess where their treasury was hidden…

Those who managed to escape from France seeked asylum in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scotland, where was re-constituted Free Masonry under the form of a secret society to perpetuate underground this precious knowledge that is the Gnosis inherited from the School of Mysteries of antic Egypt. This is how the Templars underwent the wrath of the Church and the French king for the same reason as the gnostics Cathars in Languedoc, against who the Church had went as far as launching in 1209 the first crusade in Christian land : the Albigensis Crusade.

Precisely because they were the heirs of the original Christianity, strictly at odds theologically wise of the fabrication for emperor Constantin during the Nicea council of 325 of the Roman political religion which became the Catholic Church.

The historical scoops exposed by Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning include the unrecognized origins of the maternal ancestors of Jesus-Christ, following recent architectural discoveries in Galilea, in the North-West of Israel where Jesus was from.

It explains why Jesus as well as his mother the Virgin Mary were blond with blue eyes and Mary-Magdala the spouse of Jesus wore splendid red hair as she came from Magdala in Galilea…

The Historical Prolog of my book (free access on Home page) presents Catharism which is no way an heresy coming from Bulgaria, even though the Bulgarian Bogomils were also the heirs of original Christianity. It is in reality out of reverse accusation that the Roman Church accused of heresy the Cathars and the Bogomils ! 🙂

Thus, since the « French Revolution » Freemasonry as the discreet clergy of the atheist Republican religion progressively imposed itself in the field of education. While schooling was already free of charge since the rich payed for the poors in the schools of the Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes and other orders devoted to teaching, the Freemason ministery of Jules Ferry (1832-1893) schooling became mandatory and secular.

That’s how by the early 20th century the « Hussards de la République », animated with a profane zeal as sincere as the one of their religious counterparts, formed the generations to come and maintained the French scholar standard among the top notch worldwide, something the colonized populations were enjoying as well. But, with the growing influence of Freemasonry perniciously replacing the Catholic clergy by its Masons going undetected as members of a secret society, Catholic Associate Professors were rejected from University. This, despite the high level of qualification of some of my ancestors, be them scientists or into liberal arts, the sole form of higher education in which they could exercise their talents was in preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, hence in Lycée/high-school. In a time when French were in their vast majority baptised as Catholic or Protestants, affirming oneself as a practicing Catholic was denying access to any university chair.

A shame in LE country where had flourished the Cathedrals dedicated to Notre-Dame !

The Virgin Mary, being the surviving figure of the Mother-Goddess in Christianity, although undermined by the very Jewish Old Testament which absolute patriarchy considers women as impure, hence the refusal of rabbis to shake hand with a woman.

Something Islam inherited to the point of relegating women to the status of cattle.

While all religions on Earth worship gods and goddesses, from the Vikings to the adepts of Vaudou, going through every form of chamanism…

This explains how France since 1789 became the experimental laboratory for social engineering of Freemasonic atheism, which got reinforced by Marxism banishing in the name of its absolute materialism any spiritual uplifting, since this one had to be demonized as « reactionary ». Which amputated the teaching of Philosophy from its metaphysical foundation, as the « study of the fundamental questions of the primary principles of the being, the void, the identity and the changing, the causality and the possibility », that Aristotle defined as « the primary philosophy ». While in Islam Metaphysics is still part of the academical body.

Simultaneously, Freemasonry was going to canalize the spiritual aspirations of its followers into sulphurous occultist practices, while denying for the general public the reality of subtle energies to better appropriate their exclusive powers for disreputable motives…

The university faculty members all devoted to Freemasonry could thus rewrite History to serve their ends, to the point of gradually erasing all traces of what was not corresponding with masonry interests.

So, the colonization of Indochina to which was opposed the Catholic Right became the war-horse of the Republican Left led by the same Jules Ferry.

The Left being at the root of the French colonial adventure, it is clearly by a reverse accusation that this responsibility got transfered to the Right…

Hence the necessity to go back to Historical truth as is pursuing the Historian-Geograph Bernard Lugan, a specialist of Africa who started his academic career at the  university of Butare, the formal royal capital of Rwanda, ten years after the independence of this Belgian colony. « In its colonies, France built 220 hospitals in which medical cares and medicine were free. 50 000 km of tarmac roads, 18 000 km of railway, 63 ports, 196 airports, hundreds of water dams, bridges, power stations, thousands of schools, dispensaries, maternity wards, water lines, model farms, various buildings, etc…
This Herculean task was fully paid by the taxes and the savings of the French.
It costed to France 22% of all its expenses out of public funds.
Between 1946 and 1956, while decolonization was on its way, the French state kept spending, for the sole constructions of colonial infrastructures, the equivalent of 30,29 milliards (billions) more Euros.
As for Algeria, from 1950 to 1960 swallowed 20% of the French state budget. Colossal amounts of money which could have been used to modernize metropolitan France.
And if one dares to speak about « colonial plundering » for which, « reparations » in a will of expiation of imaginary « crimes » French are nowadays summoned, not only to accept but all the more integrate a migratory tsunami which, as the speaking formula of Edouard Herriot (in 1946-editor’s note), has made of France the « colony of its colonies ».
Putting back on tracks the history of colonization was thus a necessity to give the resisters of thinking the arguments which will allow them to fight back the venture of historical deconstructing, to which are employed groups of pression using totalitarian methods. » excerpt from the presentation of Bernard Lugan’s last book « Colonisation, l’histoire à l’endroit : Comment la France est devenue la colonie de ses colonies » (2022) https://bernardlugan.blogspot.com/2022/01/nouveau-livre-de-bernard-lugan-comment.html

To conclude about the skill and style to lead our societies to think according to the will of their freemason leaders perfectly mastering the art of dissimulation, one only needs to read  Sir Bertrand Russel  « Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education. »

Something he developped as “Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen. » Bertrand Russell – in « The Impact of Science on Society » (1951)

Yet, we do know that as soon as 1943 a brochure from the International Communist enjoined to the Communists in the US to demonize their opponents by treating them of fascist and antisemite.

Thus, nowadays the fascists impose their totalitarian vision with the violence of their Antifa militia, named according to the reverse accusation characterizing Satan the deceiver…


Feminism as the antithesis of what it pretends to stand for

As well as the Marxist class struggle was aiming at the divide to rule of Christian societies far from working in the interest of women, feminism was instigated by the same ones to set women against men to distroy the family unit as the foundation of society.The best proof of this being the very shady diverting of the figure of Olympe de Gouges for deceptive purposes : « Concerning the landmarks of Left and Right they only correspond to a will of dividing the people to weaken it, making it easy to manipulate. Let me give you some examples of this. Nowadays, Olympe de Gouges is presented as a leftist woman who invented feminism. Yet, the young Marie Gouze, well educated in Montauban then married to an officer she followed in Paris, would have never chosen in 1780 a name sounding noble to sign her novels and theatre plays if she had been a “Leftist” ! One could think she was a progressist ahead of her time and of the revolutionary Left, which excluded women from the Assemblée Constituante. Yet, it’s quite the opposite since Olympe de Gouges was only claiming to maintain the rights of Catholic women, who since the Middle-Age enjoyed the right to lead a business and make contracts. It is because Free-Masonry was born in England out of the British Protestant mould which had gone back to the Old Testament and its Jewish patriarchy that the Revolution transformed the woman into a minor before the law and subject to her husband. This is why in 1791 Olympe de Gouges published the “Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen”, considered as the founding text of women emancipation, while she was only claiming to maintain the right of women in her Catholic country. Again, it is in the name of freedom that she was a fierce anti-slavery advocate and asked for the abolition of death penalty, she considered to be a remain of the retaliation, the archaic Lex Talionis from the Old Testament. In the political field she defended Louis XVI during his trial. She will even publish pamphlets against Marat and Robespierre and taking side for the Girondins against the Jacobins’ radical majority she will be guillotined in 1793. Feminism cannot be from the Left, since it was born in the conservative Catholic monarchist society worshipping the Virgin Mary. Contrary to the Protestants, following the absolute patriarchy of Jews and Moslems, as strict heirs of the Ancient Testament. – But it’s in the Protestant U.S.A. that the suffragists and the women’s movement took over. – Sure, but I’d rather attribute this movement to descendants of the pioneers from Celtic origins, a society in which the women were culturally powerful since antiquity. On the other side, on the strategic level this hijacking of feminism by the left and meanwhile of women’s vote proceeds from the Marxist-Leninist subversive war. By playing on the feminine emotions the Left poses as empathic towards women, while the idea is to mobilize them against men for dividing to rule purpose. A a matter of fact, it’s Nicolas Rockefeller himself who unwisely revealed some elements of the hidden agenda to the producer Aaron Russo, who shared it in a stunning video in 2006, still available on the web. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owXtjrWACLg

Rockefeller explains how from its early stages, feminism engineered by them was about sending women to work to become economically autonomous, in order to transform females into active consumers obeying the injunctions of advertisement, so they actively take part into consumption society. Even worse, out of their frustration to have lost the meaning of their life which is to give life and raise their children, thus moulded all the way from day nursery by the State more and more Orwellian, consumption becoming a compensatory structure many women turn to compulsive buying… But the stringpullers of finance were not going to reveal it to women ! This is why they used the bait strategy of pushing the women to overturn the protective patriarchy presented as oppressing. And by feminizing the boys these puppeteers were sure to weaken any male resistance against their savage capitalism… While since the mid 19th century industrial revolution it was all about a capitalism of entrepreneurs aiming at production contrary to the capitalism of speculation of our days. Industry captains privileged hiring women workers because they wouldn’t go on strikes, unlike men prone to fight by nature. And the company of paternalist type offered a kindergarden within the company compound where women were dropping their children and go to work. This is how the social status of Christian women, unrivalled by other civilizations worldwide, was led astray by this false compassion from the atheist socialists, whose leaders are finely mastering the art of manipulating supposed to be good sentiments…
Anti-racism is an obvious example of it! » dialog between the commander Gaétan de Montfort and his nephew Cédric (p 63-65) excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning

« Therefore, since legitimate women’s demands on the level of their professional abilities cannot be denied, it’s time to be aware of its perverse diverting by feminism producing a society rendered effeminate and easy to manipulate, out of its emotional tendency and more and more deprived of viril defense. Even worse, by destroying women who by the upbringing of the children “knit” the immune system of a society in terms of moral behavior, their sons and  daughters have been perverted for the past three generations to serve interests opposed to life and its protection. Thus, girls raised by a dominant mother and a dominated father will reproduce the parental model, and if the girl is raised by a single mother this one will transmit a degraded image of men. It is tragic to observe how just at the historical moment when young women were escaping the traditional marriage arranged by their family, they got pushed to privilege the antithesis of the right husband… This is how the string-pullers brought women to go against their own nature, which is to seek the protection of a courageous and generous man whom they will be proud to carry the babies. – It sounds really old game! – I totally agree, because the all powerful feminism was branding as “macho” what was just the necessary masculine behavior of protection, which is plain common sense in terms of basic women emotional and physical needs for safety. »
“Women’s lib” was only an illusion to the detriment of women who spoilt their family life with professional constraints previously regarded as men’s duty, especially in terms of competition in production. While women just like lioness hunting in packs are by nature prone to cooperation, competition is encoded into male genes. It starts with the spermatozoids racing to fecundate the ovula, who will avoid those it is not resoning with, to be fecundated only by the spermatozoid chosen through vibratory affinity. Hence the saying “man proposes, woman disposes”, affirming at once the respect of man towards woman in Christian societies, always ahead for women’s right among all cultures. That’s why men are prone by nature to sacrifice themselves for women, because they carry the life they are in charge to protect. Women are gifted with a definite number of eggs to be fecundated by indefinite quantities of spermatozoids since they are constantly generated by the seminal vesicles, our sperm factory. Eggs being limited it is our duty as men to protect them, and that’s why men always gave their life to protect the one of women. Excuse me for recalling such evidences, but it seems like feminist conditioning erased them from both women and men memories… » Dialog between Cédric and Raskate excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (p349-351)

« A recent historical study from the University of Chicago has totally decridibilized the feminist doxa assuming that giving the power to women would bring an end to wars. As a matter of fact, it appeared that throughout 193 reigns over 18 states, from 1480 to 1913 the feminine monarch triggered 39% more wars than their masculine counterpart! And the important territorial conquests under their reigns didn’t happen softly…

Feminism was also used to obtain a total submission from women towards those who pretended to free them. I mean the Illuminatis who offered some responsibilities to the female applicants with the stronger egos, predisposing them to hold positions of power, but above all to obey those they owe it to… It is obvious in the magistrature where some female public prosecutors are under the Illuminati’s thumb, as we’ve observed during the scandalous Beljanski trial. – My friend Olivier told me about it, it’s a real shame for French justice. – Well, so you’re aware of the situation. It has became a constant trend to utilize feminist magistrates to do the dirty work in the form of condemning courageous men who dare to stand up against the all powerful oligarchy. Thus, giving pledges to their Illuminatis masters, the most zealous among these collaborationists climb the hierarchical ladder. This is how the women who reached the higher responsibilities for the past fifty years thanks to their total servility started hiding it under a carapace of “iron ladies”, making of themselves the true caricatures of the corrupted men of power they manage to outperform in terms of ignominy. For the greatest happiness of their satanic masters fully delighted with their showcase!

With the castrating lesbians and other types of mental cases who were leading the supposed to be Women’s Lib movement during the 1970’s in the West, these women hating men were brought forward by the media, showbiz and Holywood. This to re-mould the male identity among the young mothers, so they could produce devirilized boys, presented as the new norm. This to weaken the societal resistance. Hence the easiness for some Muslim barbarians to rape European women without any protestation from the feminists, as it happens specifically in Northern Europe… This lack of the natural instinct of social protection is so much against nature that it appears clearly for what it is: Satanist social engineering !

Happily nowadays a new generation of women steps up against the feminists pointing out their stupidity, which brings shame upon the women as a whole. These young women honoring men’s qualities represent the avant-garde, and they’re now restoring the women’s dignity. Without the women we won’t succeed to save our sick societies» Dialog between Cédric and Raskate excerpt from Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (p364-65)

Women-men complementarity is creative on all levels 🙂


From dictatorship of the proletariat to dictatorship of the minorities against majority

The same stringpullers of the New World Order in their satanist plan of destroying mankind are at the origins of the dictatorship of the minorities LGBTQ+, which supports medically assisted procreation and gestional surrogacy paving the way to the artificial uterus announced by Aldous Huxley in « A Brave New World » (1932). Since Aldous came from a family of renowned evolutionist scientists (his grand-father being a friends of Darwin) famous for their Eugenist views, with his brother the biologists Julian Huxley a leading figure in eugenism who became the first director of UNESCO, one can wonder if Aldous rather than warning us was not in charge of programming the masses… Aldous Huxley was a member of the very socialist Fabian Society gathering the British intellectual elite whose emblem was a black wolf covered with a lamb fur, to better infiltrate the flock.
Yet, when the wolves enter the sheepfold the carnage is programmed, because the wolves being driven mad by the blood don’t hunt anymore to feed themselves ! The same goes for humans when they are taken by bloody mania during the so-called revolutions since 1789 followed by the Terror until 1793, an horror still common in Africa during ethnicals conflicts with machetes.

On the contrary, George Orwell another prominent member of the Fabian Society was publishing in 1948 his futuristic novel « 1984 » warning against Big Brother. Because Orwell while on the Spanich Civil War front in 1936 realized the totalitarian threat, since Staline after instrumentalizing the Republican Spanish left got its freedom fighters assassinated by his Sovietic military advisors, facing the monarchist general Franco because he was well-informed of the Communist threat… Thus, George Orwell had understood the left totalitarian project as an occult ally of the stateless capitalism, to which served as a repository the much progressist Fabian Society within which he had caught a glimpse of the futur hypnotic power of the TV screens, thanks to which Big Brother will impose himself. The many technology patents about mind and body control, starting with subliminal images (pointed out to general public for the past fourty years), give the full measure of the ongoing mind manipulation via the pirating of the individual founded on the vulnerability of the human brain aiming at an even more efficient social engineering…

Something the Chinese mind control offers us a striking illustration of ! Which is explainable by the fact that contrary to Russia having turned its back to Marxism-Leninism, Chinese never got out of the communist brain-washing and the endemic corruption of its nomenklatura. This having paved the way to savage capitalism, as an understandable revenge from a population of traders crippled and bullied for too long.

Concerning Klaus Schwab the president of the Davos World Economic Forum and author in 2020 of « Covid-19 : The Great Reset », he has for counselor the Israelian historian Yuval Noah Harari married to a man and a tireless advocate of trans-humanism, of who Obama then young president was recommending the book « Sapiens a brief History of humankind ». Which was followed by « Homo Deus : A brief History of Tomorrow », which are both monumentals in terms of societal manipulation.

Harari explains that just like a computer humans are hackable animals, thanks to the social engineering these genuine fascists of the thought decide to submit us to… That’s why George Soros’ Open Society sponsors the castrating Femen, the fascist Antifas and the No-Borders in charge to push Europeans to their civilisational suicide by favoring the migratory invasion of the most backwarded Muslims. No surprise therefore that Soros also finances the Black Lives Matter movement which bursted out with the death in 2020 of the black thug George Floyd during his arrest by the police. Yet, it is now proven that in fact he died from a breathing issue due to drug overdose, since on the filming of his arrest he says « I can’t breath » when he was getting handcuffed way before the policeman presses his knee on the neck of this strong fellow of more than 1,90m (6’23), because he struggled after being caught in flagrante delicto of spreading around counterfeit money.

The mind control by self-censorship imposed by the left and its all powerful Novlang by way of the Satanist social engineering, has gotten in the maternity hospitals of Anglo-Saxon countries to the state of not calling mother but birthing person, to avoid stigmatizing transgenders !

This is how we have come to the dictature of minorities upon the majority by a completely decerebrate left. This, to the point of having made it swallow via the the little cousin of the Rothschilds, Karl Marx, that the dictature of the ignorant proletarians thus fully manipulable represented the future of mankind, before transposing to homosexuals LGBTQ+ the halo of the « saint proletarian »…

This is how the Communist propaganda developed by the stateless finance to control the world with the help of its World Revolutionary Movement (of which few know the historical origin) aiming at the destruction of the state-nations is now appearing in full sight !

« To know who is truly leading you, look who you cannot criticize » Voltaire

Yet, it appears that Klaus Schwab (whose mother is a Jew) is just a front-man for the English-US deep-state, ie the Round Table and the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) which are pulling the strings of the German economist and his World Economic Forum…
Source https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/03/investigative-reports/dr-klaus-schwab-or-how-the-cfr-taught-me-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-bomb/

About those who dare to step up against this social engineering, they are right away treated of fascist or reactionary, precisely because they have the energy and the guts to react in front of this world going mad by lack of ethic landmarks. By the way, being labeled reactionary is just as flattering than being treated of conspiracy theorist. Knowing that this last qualifier was created by the CIA to stigmatize those who after the assassination of president Kennedy (1963) were refusing the conclusions of the Warren commission, according to which the ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was a lunatic having acted alone and there was « absolutely no conspiration to assassinate JFK » (sic). 🙂

In the same way, the insulting qualifier « fascist » goes back to the end of World War II when Stalin ordered every Communist party worldwide to call a « fascist » whoever would stand up to silence them.

In France, it was the mean utilized to shut the mouth of the first hour resisters who were Catholic and Protestants joined by a few non-commmunist Jews, while Maurice Thorez leading the Parti Communiste Français had fled in front of the invading Germans to seek refuge in Moscow under Stalin’s wing… It is the opportunity to remind that until the breach of the German-Soviet pact in June 1941, the first collaborators of the Nazis were the Communists !

The loss of political landmarks is such that we have forgotten that the word fascism comes from the National Fascist Party created in 1921 by the socialist representative Benito Mussolini, while in Germany Adolf Hitler had launched in 1920 the National Socialist German Worker party, which proves that fascism is leftist !

Even clearer is this statement of rabbi Harry Waton « – “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” In “A Program for the Jews and Humanity”, Rabbi Harry Waton, p.143-144.

Which explains why nowadays the AntiFas financed by the most powerful Jewish speculator George Soros’ Open Society are the true fascists, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement and every so-called anti-racist associations pretending to defend minorities have for common denominator to have been created by Jews as anti-White Christians movements. And this, precisely in these western white christian countries at the origin of the abolition of slavery as Christian colonial powers…

No surprise about this inversion of truth since Kabbalists are pulling the strings of Free-Masonry in charge to pervert the most noble ideals of Christian essence to turn them against those who carry them.
This in conformity with the « right-thinking ideology of the internationalist hydra, of whom we remind the 7 heads, for those who would have forgotten how one must think : feminism, immigrationnism, homosexualism, anti-Catholicism, Zionism, mercantilism and youthism. One could add pornocratism, masonism, or LGBTism, but all is included in the lot, these are only variants. » as so well resumed by this introduction to the article in French https://www.egaliteetreconciliation.fr/Superman-contre-Superfiotte-67099.html

Which underlines that howewer the tide is turning because « it is understandable how wokism masquerading as a progressive ideology standing for the rights of the weak and the victims, is in fact a tyranny against the majority, a majority which slowly starts to figure this scam out. Wokism is a censorship of the freedom of speech, an aberration in evolution, a societal suicide. It is the death instrument in the hands of the globalists against those who resist them.
The problem, for the wokists, is that next to nobody (except themselves and their victims) want of their crazy anti-humanism. They have to manipulate children, stuffing them with trash, inject them by force, mask them, emasculate them. It smells the backlash. »

No wonder then that the all powerful LGBT lobby is presented as synonymous of « progress », in a society where progressism has led us to a « dictatorship of progress », in the words of the barrister Fabrice di Vizio, famous for stepping up against the Covid-19 scam.

While in this early 2022 we considered to have already reached the abyss with the Schiappa law legitimizing incest between an adult and a teen-ager of 15, Apple is launching the l’emoji/emoticon « pregnant man » in order to comply with the social engineering of inclusivity !

Let’s catch some fresh air 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr0qNXmkUJ8


The scam of the watermelon ecology : green outside and red inside

We have witnessed the inversion of Ecology, genuinely a conservative movement to preserve the environment created by those who live in touch with Mother Nature, to become the religion of    « progressive » urban-dwellers.

Which gives all its meaning to the words of the native american chief Seattle (1786-1866) when he declared one hundred years agos « Due to living far away from the Great Spirit prairies the White Man has forgotten his laws ».
Thus, it is precisely the ones who are the most disconnected from Mother Nature who pretend out of their ignorance to teach her laws, led by an autistic teen-ager Swedish girl of Jewish stock…

This is why it is necessary to remind that « in terms of sound references to which we can hang on, with its defence of life ecology was a sound reaction from the 1970’s, whose activists from Europe, North America or Japan were not deprived of back-bone and stamina! These pioneers of ecological activism from the 1970’s, the Rainbow warriors who brightened the colours of the Peace flag, were engaged in the name of a noble ideal because it was pro-life. They were defending earthlings of every species, especially sea mamals in front of whalers. Unfortunately Greenpeace got progressively diverted, and a member of the founding 1971 expedition to Amchitka, Patrick Moore an early president dropped out in 1986 because “As time went on, I watched as Greenpeace evolved, basically hijacked by the extreme left. We were pretty centrist when we started.” And he adds that “Greenpeace abandonned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism”, as exposed in his book « Confession of a Greenpeace Dropout ». This is why he is an ardent adversary of the Green Conspiracy of this global warming due to human activities. This scam, is clearly linked to the very profitable Carbon Tax, it justifies too… To top it all, Patrick Moore maintains very rightly how human growing emission of CO2 is a good thing for the Planet! Stroke Raskate while putting back his manuscript on the case.
This Canadian scientist scholar serving ecology has been showing the way for some fourty years now, as well as his compatriot the sailor Paul Watson, a founding member of Greenpeace who split in the early days during the 1970’s, and nowadays he keeps ramming whaling-ships with his “Sea Shepherd”. His white coat of arms is clearly displayed as a shield on the black background of his flag. – This way he sets the tone avoiding to be mixed up with the LGBT lobby! Cédric punctuated ironically. – Right on! Because surely Watson kept the spirit of the “Rainbow Warriors”, still christening the Greenpeace admiral ships inspired by the prophecy of the Hopi and Cree elders from North America. This prophecy says that when our mother Earth and her oceans will be polluted to the point where the animals and the sea creatures  will die by the thousands, then, from all parts of the Earth, men and women of skin colours and from all creeds will step up and will make the Earth green again; they will call themselves by the name of Rainbow Warriors. – Well, it’s sound very much up to date here in your area… – Yes, indeed, but on the other hand, France carries the shame of the sinking in 1985 of the Rainbow Warrior, calling into the Auckland’s harbour, New Zealand, on its way to protest against the atomic bomb testings in French Polynesia. I remind you that death occurred in Auckland that day, and later it was the Polynesian archipelago which suffered from irradiations for decades. That’s why as an ecologist people New Zealanders don’t like French anymore, and I do understand them… While listening for the second time in a few weeks this sad chapter of the French nuclear tests, Cédric was fully measuring the nuclear frenzy which had taken hold of France, the second most nuclearized country on Earth. And who persisted to the point of being engulfed in the dead-end of suppressing nuclear wastes. Which cost of recycling even though ineffective was not taken into account in the pricing of kilowatt by EDF (Électricité De France, formerly national company), neither the colossal expenses for dismantling old nuclear power plants. Raskate jumped on his favourite war-horse – As a proof of this nuclear madness, after ten years of activity, in 1969 when they started dismantling our first nuclear reactor, the G1, the work schedule having to take into account the calendar of dismantling before confinement of the radio-active elements, this dismantlement won’t be over until 2035. It means 65 years of destruction for 10 years of activity, serving first to create a nuclear bomb!  Raskate’s tone was rising – After 50 years of a state policy favorizing electrical heating thanks to an under-priced kilowatt, what will happen in case of severe winter if some over-exploited nuclear plants break down? By the end of 2016, in France there will be more than forty nuke plants having reached the thirty years they were built to last for. Whereas, we can expect more and more nuclear incidents, while EDF (French state owned company for production and distribution of electricity) keeps insisting on patching these dangerous power plants with the risk of inescapable accidents in the near future… excerpt from the dialog by Raskate’s campfire with Cédric de Montfort at the foot of Mt Bugarach in summer 2012 in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (p450-52)
Following Henry-David Thoreau, the father of Civil Disobedience who lived on the East coast during the mid 19th century, the Eco-Warriors appeared with the counterculture on the West Coast. It all started with the founding expedition of Greenpeace, organized by a team of Canadian ecologist adventurers from thirty to fifty-five years old, who sailed during the autumn of 1971 on an old trawler from Vancouver, heading for Alaska to protest against the Yankees nuclear tests in the North Aleutian Islands, in Amchitka. Followed with much attention by the media, this expedition took place in autumn, heading for a raging Bering sea with several stories high cold crashing waves. These guys were taking this uncertainty in their stride, and we owe them a lot in terms of nuclear danger awareness. Bob Hunter was the journalist amidst this wild bunch of ecologists and it is during this expedition that he discovered the Amerindian prophecy of the “Rainbow Warriors” in one of the books he had taken on board. Hence the title he gave to their saga in « The Greenpeace to Amchitka : an Environmental Odyssey ». It is is a very stimulating book for today’s youth ! This exciting book of genuine adventure evoking the spirit of resistance of a generation carried by an ideal and who escaped from comfort to take risks, because it was not softened yet by vaccines and TV. Therefore, you understand how much the Rainbow flag is a planetary symbol for light, at the antipodes of its perverted diversion by the gay lobby !

Yet, this homosexual lobby is formed of a minority, fully disapproved by the homosexuals hostile to gay-marriage. As well as Pier Paolo Pasolini, a notorious homosexual, was hostile to abortion in the 1970’s. All the same he denounced the dipravation of the mores in his last movie becoming prophetic “Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom” freely adapted from the Marquis de Sade. As a matter of fact, the astonishing power of perversion of the gay lobby is explained by the fact that, in default of representing homosexuals in general, this tool of social engineering to popularize inversion of mores is generously sponsored by the Synagog of Satan within Christian based societies. The banalization of homosexuality generates a twist in the minds operating an inversion of sexuality. Making of the exception confirming the hetereosexual rule carrying life a trend among the youth at an age when one is looking for itself is typical of a satanic perversion.

No one is better suited to talk about it than a star of the 1950’s such as Mae West, who observed in Hollywood the propagation of these inverted behaviors : “In many ways homosexuality is a danger to the entire social system of Western civilization. Certainly a nation should be made aware of its presence — without moral mottoes — and its effects on children recruited to it in their innocence. I had no objection to it as a cult of jaded inverts… involved only with themselves. It was its secret, anti-social aspects I wanted to bring into the sun. As a private pressure group it could, and has, infected whole nations.” Mae West’s autobiography

Which leads more and more born heterosexuals of both sexes to adopt homosexual practices ; and it makes them proud to pose for rebels against the norm. By rejecting the natural human reproduction, it means they are proud to saw the branch mankind is sitting on, hence paving the way to the artificial uterus of “A Brave New World”… Pathetic ! Even worse are the Transgenders, those who being pushed by this satanic trend and instead of being treated on the psychological level are prescripted hormones of the sex opposed to the one Mother Nature had gifted them with, some going as far as being surgically operated. To finally regret it, as many testimonies nowadays from Transgenders reproaching the medical body for not treating them psychologically, since such was the nature of their disease pushing one transgender out of two committing suicide ! Without mentioning the ruining cost of such treatments and surgery for the social security, to the expense of the community. » excerpt from the dialog by Raskate’s campfire with Cédric de Montfort at the foot of Mt Bugarach in summer 2012 in Awakeners of the Dawn #1 Questioning (p457-58)

To better understand how this social engineering was implemented in the minds via the media, Hollywood and showbusiness : « Imagine that an organism is sick. Imagine that the sick cells convince the organism that in fact, the healthy cells are sick. The gullible organism would decline and die.

This is the relationship between society and homosexual proponents today. Gays argue that same-sex behavior is no different than being left-handed. On the other hand, heterosexual behavior is not natural, but socially conditioned and “oppressive.”

Let’s decide whom, in fact, is sick. » Henry MakowPhD.

This is the same Henry Makow, an exemplary Canadian scholar of Jewish origins, who therefore knows what he is talking about when he dares to expose who trigerred this satanist social engineering https://www.henrymakow.com/frankfurt-school-satanic-judaism-in-action.html

Which proves how the inversion of ecology is the rotten fruit of a society which became sick by dint of glorifying acts against nature…

Now, let’s go back to the sound male-female harmony with this mind-blowing duet ! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk2yoOY8CTU

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